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Mass Renews Alliance Endorsements

Below is the list of bills that we are endorsing for the 2023-2024 legislative session. 

Tier 1 - Highest Priority

Environmental Justice Table Bills (Updates on Action Network)

  • S.1382/H.2131  An Act to improve outdoor and indoor air quality for communities burdened by pollution (Sen. Jehlen/ Rep. Barber & Rep. Connolly) Fact Sheet

  • S.2113/H.3187  An Act Relative to Energy Facilities Siting Reform to Address Environmental Justice, Climate, and Public Health (Sen. DiDomenico/ Rep. Madaro) Fact Sheet

  • S.953/H.1677    An Act to create access to justice (Sen DiDomenico & Sen. Miranda/ Rep. Meschino) 

Tier 2 - Mid-level Priority

Mass Indigenous Legislative Agenda (Updates on website)

  • S.1976/H.2989   An Act establishing an Indigenous Peoples Day (Barber/Comerford) (Summary)

  • S.344/H.529       An Act relative to celebrating and teaching Native American culture and history (Lewis/ Rausch) (Summary)

  • S.318 /H.536      An Act providing for the creation of a permanent commission relative to the education of American Indian and Alaska Native residents of the Commonwealth (Montaño/Miranda) (Summary)

  • S.2186/H.3248   An Act to protect Native American Heritage (Rogers & Beile/Collins) (Summary)

  • S.245 /H.477      An Act prohibiting the use of Native American mascots by public schools in the Commonwealth  (Fluker Oakley/Comerford) (Summary)

Climate Jobs MA Bills (Updates on website)

  • S.1179/H.1954  An Act relative to a just transition to clean energy (Sen. Feeney/ Rep. Decker) (Fact sheet)

  • S.1180/H.1864  An Act relative to clean energy workforce standards and accountability (Sen. Feeney/ Rep. Decker) (Fact sheet)

  • S.2127/H.3691 An Act Relative to Healthy & Sustainable Schools (Sen. Feeney/ Rep. Decker) (Fact sheet)

Homes For All Rent Control Bill (Updates on website)

  • S.1299/H.2103  An Act enabling cities and towns to stabilize rents and protect tenants (Sen. Gomez & Jehlen/ Rep. Rogers & Montaño) Fact Sheet

Tier 3 - Priority

  • S.2365/H.3232   An Act establishing a zero carbon renovation fund (Sen. Gomez/ Rep. Vargas) Fact Sheet (ENG / ESP)

Zero Carbon Renovation Fund Coalition

ZEV Alliance Bills

  • S.2217/H.3392   An Act Setting Deadlines to Electrify the Commuter Rail (Sen. Crighton, Rep. Owens, Rep. Armini) Fact sheet

  • S.2218/H.3139   An Act setting deadlines for school bus and public fleet electrification, and programs to encourage electrification of private fleets (Sen. Crighton/ Rep. Barber, Rep. Meschino,) Fact sheet

  • S.2285/H.3366   An Act electrifying regional transit authorities (Sen. Oliveira/ Rep. LeBoeuf) Fact sheet

Future of Clean Heat Bill

Mass Education Justice Alliance Bill

  • S.2105/H.3203   An Act relative to the future of clean heat (Sen. Owens & Sen. Armini/ Rep. Creem) (Fact Sheet coming soon)

  • S.246/H.495   An Act empowering students and schools to thrive (Sen. Comerford/ Rep. Hawkins & Rep. Montaño) Fact Sheet

Our Climate Climate Education Bill

  • S.260/H.576   An Act implementing elementary and secondary interdisciplinary climate justice education across the commonwealth (Sen. Cyr/ Rep. Sena) Fact Sheet

Click here for more information about our endorsement criteria and tiers.

If you have any questions about MARA endorsements, please contact

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