Massachusetts Renews' policies will set us on the path to a future where every Bay Stater – Black, brown, and white, Indigenous and immigrant – has a safe place to call home, food for their family, and clean air to breathe and water to drink.


We'll put thousands of Massachusetts residents to work growing local food and retrofitting 100,000 homes each year to dramatically increase their energy efficiency and indoor air quality. These policies will accelerate Massachusetts' economic recovery and the transition to the resilient society we need. 

Policy Framework

Create thousands of dignified, well-compensated jobs and launch a large-scale, union-led job training program to give workers the skills necessary to join expanding Green New Deal industries.

Retrofit one million homes over the next decade to make them safer, healthier, and more energy efficient.

Bring more fresh local food to families in need and create food-security jobs for people throughout Massachusetts, empowering communities to tailor solutions to their local needs.

Our policies will:

Our Legislative Summary

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Renew New England Alliance does not endorse or oppose candidates for elected office. While we believe strongly in the urgency and importance of the legislation our coalition has developed and advocates for, the coalition does not suggest that voters assess legislators based upon their positions on a single piece of legislation alone.